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COVID-19 Updates

The Northwood Police Department has created a COVID-19 information page with resources for the coronavirus pandemic. Click here to visit the page.


        In order to ensure the welfare of the general public and city employees during the CoVID-19 crisis, please note the following: Although Northwood City Offices are staffed at the present time, CITY OFFICES ARE CLOSED TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE.     

Residents needing immediate emergency assistance should call 9-1-1 or the non-emergency number at 419-691-5053. Residents needing assistance with tax, zoning or court issues must contact the city via phone or email. Included below is contact information for City Departments.  City employees will still report to work and be available to assist residents via phone and email during this period.

These moves are being taken to help contain the spread of the virus in the community. At this time, there are ZERO reported cases of COVID-19 in Northwood. However, the likelihood is high that the virus will make its way here in the coming days and weeks.

Bob Anderson City Administrator NOTE: FOR PEOPLE WITH SCHEDULED COURT APPEARANCES, PLEASE CONTACT THE COURT @ 419-693-9325. DEPARTMENT                     Phone #                       Email Administration                     419-690-1600    Northwood Court                 419-693-9325    Taxation                               419-693-9326    Zoning                                 419-691-1651    EMERGENCY: Police                                  9-1-1 Fire                                      9-1-1 EMS                                     9-1-1 NON-EMERGENCY            419-691-5053 for Police, Fire, EMS 



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