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Speed Board


The Northwood Police Department is committed to keeping our streets and neighborhoods safe.  Along with proactive traffic enforcement by our road patrol, our department deploys this speed board in various areas around the city.  Not only does the speed board provide a visual reminder of a motorist's speed, it also provides warnings for those who are going over the speed limit.

The speed board also tracks traffic statistics, such as the speeds of each vehicle (in both directions), the number of vehicles that pass the board, the average speeds of vehicles, and more.  The department then uses this crucial data to determine speeding issues around the city, and deploy more traffic enforcement measures to ensure the safety of the public.  These statistics also determine if speed limits need to be adjusted on certain roadways.

If you would like to report a speeding issue in your neighborhood, click the link below to submit a speed complaint.

You can find the results of the speed board studies below.

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