Internet Purchase Exchange

The Northwood Police Department has created an Internet Purchase Exchange location for those who are selling or purchasing an online item from an online garage sale or auction site.

This exchange zone is located in the Northwood Police Department's front parking lot.  The location is under security camera surveillance that is monitored by Northwood Police staff.  In addition, marked police cruisers are also patrolling this area.

Individuals are asked to conduct their transactions at or near the Internet Purchase Exchange sign, as there is a dedicated security camera that looks at this location.

Tips for purchasing an online item from an online garage sale or auction site:

  • Meet in a public place (Northwood Police Department's Internet Purchase Exchange location)

  • Do not invite strangers to your home or give out your address

  • Have a friend or relative accompany you whenever you meet someone in person

  • Tell someone where you are going and when you will return

  • If possible, conduct exchanges during daylight hours

  • Bring a cell phone

  • Trust your instincts - be willing to cancel if you have any safety concerns

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