City of Northwood Construction Updates

Last Updated: June 29, 2020

Welcome to the Northwood Construction Update page.  We will try to update this page to reflect current road closures and other useful information for residents and visitors to the city.

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IR-75 Southbound Entrance Ramp from Wales Road:

-->Time Period: Approximately 90 days from June 15, 2020

-->DETOUR: Take IR-75 NB from Wales to Miami Street, then take IR-75 SB from Miami Street

IR-75 Southbound Exit Ramp to Wales Road (Exit 198):


-->Time Period: Approximately 90 days from June 29, 2020

-->DETOUR: Take IR-75 SB to Buck Road (Exit 197), then take IR-75 NB to Wales Road exit (Exit 198)

Effective Monday, November 25, 2019

-->**Crossover Change** Southbound traffic crosses over to newly constructed northbound lanes between Buck Rd. and Wales Rd.

-->Two lanes of bi-directional traffic are maintained on newly constructed northbound lanes

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