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Bike Patrol

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Bike Patrol Unit Supervisor:

Sergeant Fred Genzman

Phone: (419) 691-5053


The Northwood Police Department's Bike Patrol Unit consists of 7 officers that have attended the 40-hour certification course through the International Police Mountain Bike Association (IPBMA).  Officers train on a variety of different cycling skills, including skill development, riding in diverse traffic situations, practicing patrol tactics techniques, ascending curbs, descending stairs and performing emergency maneuvers designed to avoid crashes.

Bike Patrol officers are able to use bicycles to patrol where a patrol car cannot and allows for interaction with residents in ways that a normal patrol cruiser could not.  The Northwood Police Department Bike Patrol Unit is deployed for a variety of different situations, such as general patrol, and city sponsored events, such as Fall Festival, Halloween, parades, etc.

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